Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Live Fish

About a week ago I was outside grabbing something from my car when our neighbor asked, "Would you like some Bass?" Being a bit of a fish eater, and knowing that my brother was here too I said, "Yes, definitely!"

Now let me give you a little back-story: My neighbor has mentioned on occasion that her husband and his friend love to fish. In fact, their friend is a professional bass fisherman and travels all around the country to compete. So when she offered some fish, I knew it would be FRESH!

But how fresh?

How about a bag full of FRESH LIVE FISH!???!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (yes, that was my reaction when it wiggled in the bag!)

So here I am....a bag full of live fish....knowing my husband wont be touching I walk inside, holding the bag ever so cautiously....I say, "Hey bro, have you ever filleted a fish before?", his reply, "ya once, why?"...... "GREAT!!! Here you go".....wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle.....

Ya...when he said "only once" he really meant it! We used for a video and away we went......

Uncle scares niece with fish. Fish gets uncle back....who's laughing now???

 What have we learned here? When someone asks if you'd like some fish....ASK MORE QUESTIONS.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Planning Hanks 2nd Birthday

My baby boy is turning two this year and I swear to you it feels like I was JUST PLANNING his first! Seriously! (check out pics from Hanks First party on Kara's Party Ideas )

This year, since we are in our new home with a pool, I thought it only fitting we plan some sort of swim of course BEACH BALLS came to mind. Right?! A beach ball is a signature representation for summer....RIGHT?!! YOU WOULD THINK!

Beach Ball Party

 Well besides "actual" beach balls I am at a complete lost at finding ANYTHING beach ball material, no crafting paper, no ribbon, no,! Seriously flabbergasted.....So where does that leave me? Changing my (I mean Hank's) theme? NO WAY JOSE!!! 

It leaves me to CRAFTING, CUTTING, PAINTING, and having a good old time, cluttering up the house....

Right now this is what our home looks like.....times like 13 and the colors of red, blue & yellow continue to flutter in :-) 

Wanted to give y'all a sneak peek of some of the goodies for Hank's 2nd Beach Ball Birthday Blast!

Beach Ball Plate Garland

My big helper Ali with all my projects :-)

Beach Ball Foam Ball Decoration

Thursday, April 18, 2013

#MyAmazingMom Sweepstakes with World Market

This past week I had the {fun} and great opportunity to write up a post on Sugar Loco about #MyAmazingMom . World Market is hosting a sweepstakes paired with several bloggers telling America why their mom is amazing!

You MOST DEFINITELY need to check out my write up on Sugar Loco's website which you can see HERE.

But before then, lets check out a few pics from my experience :-)


Check out these cute finds the moment I walked in the store....

Playing around with napkin rings to top off my apothecary jar....

And yes....Heaven on a these jams

So to see my entire article, skip on over to Sugar Loco and read up on my blurb.