About Me...

"Cleaning up with children around is like shoveling during a blizzard"                         
~ Author Unknown

I so love this quote...and since becoming a mother, I know this all to well. Hi, I'm Jackie and I am so glad that you have taken a moment to read about me and my blog. My husband and I were married in the fall of 2007 and since then I have been blessed in becoming a mother, an author, a house-wife, as well as juggling a few blogs, my writing career and marketing for my parents restaurant!

During my husband and my first year of marriage I found myself becoming frustrated with many of the cookbooks I had received as wedding gifts because I couldn't find any that fit our tastes, budget and time! Loving the kitchen since being a child and always having the confidence of being creative with my dishes, I started writing down all of the new recipes that I prepared for my hubby and myself. Soon, I was encouraged by my amazingly supportive husband to organize my recipes and helpful kitchen tips into a cookbook and my career as an author began!

The journey through publication and marketing has been a curvy and windy road but each step along the way reminds me that the previous hiccups were necessary to be where I am today. God has an amazing plan for all of us and to watch it reveal itself daily is truly incredible.

In the fall of 2009 my first cookbook, Our First Year, was in print...and IN MY HANDS!!! After about a year of selling first hand, I was nudged to submit my manuscript to a national publication company and was extended a contract to work with their company. I am thrilled to see where this new chapter in our lives will take us. (no pun intended).

Each day comes with a new list of demands, and I'll tell ya one thing I've learned since becoming a mother.....don't try to figure anything out....each day is and will be completely different.

My days now usually consist of dodging toys, having a toddler wrapped between my legs, prepping for the evenings meal with my computer open on the kitchen counter trying to keep up with two of my blogs and trying to remember if I brushed my teeth that morning, and this is all before 10 am...


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