Monday, March 26, 2012

LIVE on Channel 12 News

Today was our big day on Channel 12 News! My early morning started at 3:15 am as my wonderfully supportive husband joined in getting ready and taking me down to the news station. Such an awesome experience as the news stations was much larger than when I was on Channel 3 and it was really neat to see the news broadcasted along the streets of downtown Phoenix.

If you didn't get a chance to watch me live this morning here is the link! Hoping to get a chance to be added to their "Most Watched" videos list so SHARE SHARE SHARE ;-)

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And Of Course - Show some Sugar Love to my new writing endeavor SUGAR LOCO

Friday, March 23, 2012


Guess who's going to be on Channel 12 News featuring Sugar Loco in a LIVE SEGMENT! Me! Me! Me! I'm on such a sugar high right now!

This Monday,  3/26 , at 5:25 A.M.  I will be doing a live cooking segment featuring my cookbook, Our First Year: Cost Effective Recipes from the Home of Newlyweds as well as my newly added opportunity to write for Sugar Loco. Sugar Loco is a website completely dedicated to everything SWEET. We do reviews of local desserts across the country, as well as desserts that you can order online or see in the store.

So far I am LOVING the perks of the job - with being able to travel around AZ, sampling yummy desserts and writing my thoughts for all our viewers to see. Here are the links to my first two spots I hit up during my first week on the job:

Arrowhead Grill:

Chaparral Homemade Ice Cream:

For everyone who is not in AZ (or frankly are still sleeping at 5:25 am) there will be a link posted on their website with my demo, so I will definitely be sending that out  too.

So what's next? I need YOU!

Hoping you will forward this email on to at least 5 of your friends letting them know about this awesome opportunity. Also I'd LOVE the follow on my Facebook as well as Sugar Loco's facebook. Just click the colored links and it will take your right to our sites.  And finally - when you see my cooking demo online - LEAVE A COMMENT on Channel 12 New's site - THEY WILL LOVE IT!

Thank you all and stay tuned for some delicious sweets.

Oh yes - and how could I forget - I'm doing a live cooking demo too - Can you guess what it is?

Thursday, March 8, 2012


So very thankful for such awesome opportunities that God has already planned out for my journey! I am so thrilled to announce that I will be joining the team of Sugar Loco 
 A website dedicated to everything sweet!


First off, any company that wants you to join their team of writers by asking you
 "What type of Dessert You'd Be?" - I'm definitely going to be a part of!

What dessert would I be? 

I’d be a slice of warm, freshly baked, red velvet cake drizzled with a homemade cream cheese icing paired with a scoop of my parents homemade sweet cream ice cream, along with, of course, a pipping hot cup of black coffee kissed with milk in my favorite photo mug of the kiddos.

For the rest of my author bio- check it out here

I will be focusing on the hottest Arizona sweets, taste-testing and writing reviews for all to enjoy!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How To Tuesday: Peel a Hard Boiled Egg

Today's post goes out to my amazingly supportive and inspiring brother. Today is his birthday and surprisingly last night he sent me an email and all it consisted of was a link and the words: "I HAVE NO EGGS ... YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS NOW !!"

Obviously intrigued I clicked the link to find this:

Yes - ridiculous right?!

So in the midst of the kids going crazy yesterday, my son teething and me thinking I'd get loads done during "nap time" only to realize the kids had a different plan in store for momma, I didn't get to try this as my brother so eagerly insisted I do.

BUT! - This morning, awe yes, This Morning! I tried the "cool-way" of peeling a hard boiled egg, and IT WORKS! It literally works.

I do have to add my two cents though about the "cool-way"

*Not necessarily sanitary if you are making egg salad sandwiches for guests, seeing as the only way it worked for me was when my lips were actually touching the egg.

*It worked for most of my eggs but not all. When I peeled them on previous occasions the "boring way" I found that the higher quality eggs peeled better than the store brand - so I would assume that if you want to be successful in every "cool way" of peeling you'd better buy the name brand eggs

*In the video he suggests putting salt in the water, which I forgot to do and was still successful - yet not with each one, so maybe if I had followed the directions properly I would have been successful with every egg.

*With the "cool" method shown in the video I DID however have smoothly peeled eggs for each of my eggs, even if they didn't "blow out" perfectly, so in that regards this method is a huge success seeing as how when I peel my store brand eggs I sometimes take a chunk of egg white out.

So here's my conclusion.

If you are a 23 year old bachelor, who is on the run, looking for a technique for shaving about 5 seconds off of the usual time of peeling and egg - THEN THIS METHOD IS FOR YOU!


Happy Birthday Little Bro!

**If you're looking to hard boil an egg - see my tutorial here

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Creative Minds

I am so very thankful for the amount of creative minds that I am continuously crossing paths with through book signings, speaking engagements and online - Pinterest especially. Like many of you, I've been addicted to Pinterest since the moment I got my private invitation to join the "club" of pinners. The amount of creative food bloggers that Pinterest has opened my eyes to is astounding and one of my favorites in particular is: The Baker Chick. I have been following The Baker Chick for quite a while now as I am continuously drooling over her mouth watering photography - oh and the amazing dishes she prepares as well!

One day on Pinterest I came across her Cinnamon Roll Pancakes and my mouth literally dropped. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes? YU-UM.


I was so excited to test out the recipe with my husband and his family and after doing so, we all asked ourselves if we'd ever go back to plain pancakes again? So delicious!


Mine were not ask picturesque as The Baker Chicks but they were absolutely amazing and I will definitely be making them again. Just looking at these pictures is making me salivate and crave them again. Maybe this will be my special treat for my cheat day this week!

Check out her blog and recipe for the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes here

*Next time I plan to make homemade pancakes like The Baker Chick, but when I made them the first time I used the pancake recipe on the Bisquick box. (I have a secret addiction to the taste of Bisquick) Also, rather than calling them Cinnamon "Roll" Pancakes I am just in love with the word "swirl" so have called mine Cinnamon Swirled Pancakes!