Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How To Tuesday: Peel a Hard Boiled Egg

Today's post goes out to my amazingly supportive and inspiring brother. Today is his birthday and surprisingly last night he sent me an email and all it consisted of was a link and the words: "I HAVE NO EGGS ... YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS NOW !!"

Obviously intrigued I clicked the link to find this:

Yes - ridiculous right?!

So in the midst of the kids going crazy yesterday, my son teething and me thinking I'd get loads done during "nap time" only to realize the kids had a different plan in store for momma, I didn't get to try this as my brother so eagerly insisted I do.

BUT! - This morning, awe yes, This Morning! I tried the "cool-way" of peeling a hard boiled egg, and IT WORKS! It literally works.

I do have to add my two cents though about the "cool-way"

*Not necessarily sanitary if you are making egg salad sandwiches for guests, seeing as the only way it worked for me was when my lips were actually touching the egg.

*It worked for most of my eggs but not all. When I peeled them on previous occasions the "boring way" I found that the higher quality eggs peeled better than the store brand - so I would assume that if you want to be successful in every "cool way" of peeling you'd better buy the name brand eggs

*In the video he suggests putting salt in the water, which I forgot to do and was still successful - yet not with each one, so maybe if I had followed the directions properly I would have been successful with every egg.

*With the "cool" method shown in the video I DID however have smoothly peeled eggs for each of my eggs, even if they didn't "blow out" perfectly, so in that regards this method is a huge success seeing as how when I peel my store brand eggs I sometimes take a chunk of egg white out.

So here's my conclusion.

If you are a 23 year old bachelor, who is on the run, looking for a technique for shaving about 5 seconds off of the usual time of peeling and egg - THEN THIS METHOD IS FOR YOU!


Happy Birthday Little Bro!

**If you're looking to hard boil an egg - see my tutorial here

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