Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Creative Minds

I am so very thankful for the amount of creative minds that I am continuously crossing paths with through book signings, speaking engagements and online - Pinterest especially. Like many of you, I've been addicted to Pinterest since the moment I got my private invitation to join the "club" of pinners. The amount of creative food bloggers that Pinterest has opened my eyes to is astounding and one of my favorites in particular is: The Baker Chick. I have been following The Baker Chick for quite a while now as I am continuously drooling over her mouth watering photography - oh and the amazing dishes she prepares as well!

One day on Pinterest I came across her Cinnamon Roll Pancakes and my mouth literally dropped. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes? YU-UM.


I was so excited to test out the recipe with my husband and his family and after doing so, we all asked ourselves if we'd ever go back to plain pancakes again? So delicious!


Mine were not ask picturesque as The Baker Chicks but they were absolutely amazing and I will definitely be making them again. Just looking at these pictures is making me salivate and crave them again. Maybe this will be my special treat for my cheat day this week!

Check out her blog and recipe for the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes here

*Next time I plan to make homemade pancakes like The Baker Chick, but when I made them the first time I used the pancake recipe on the Bisquick box. (I have a secret addiction to the taste of Bisquick) Also, rather than calling them Cinnamon "Roll" Pancakes I am just in love with the word "swirl" so have called mine Cinnamon Swirled Pancakes! 


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