Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Woo-Hoo Wednesday: Zero Calorie Chocolate?

As many of you know I have been on a mission to loose the baby weight and get back in to my just married, looking good jeans and am excited to tell you that I'm on my way. I've lost 18 lbs so far and couldn't be happier, but I have had a few down-falls along the way, with the added stress of uncontrollable events that have occurred recently. Along with the trials of life and well, quite frankly, just being a woman, I struggle with my cravings of - CHOCOLATE. Don't we all?

I'm getting back down to a comfortable spot where I'll be able to start including sweets here and there, (especially with a new exciting opportunity that has just blossomed - more info soon to come) But even as I continue down the path of creating a balanced lifestyle of nutritious and delicious meals I want to keep in mind simple treats that are not only satisfying but friendly to my calorie counts.

Last month I found myself in a real predicament at the grocery store. I was walking down the center of the store, with aisles on either side when I found myself stopped mid step. If I turned right, I would be venturing down the freezer section with cartons of creamy goodness whispering their names of English Toffee Temptation, Sea Salt Caramel Truffle,  & Black Raspberry Chocolate Chunk, all ready to snuggle ever so gingerly in the basket of my cart as I promised myself I'd save it for my once a week cheat day but then to my left was the health food aisle filled with veggie chips, lentil soup and all natural greek yogurt, which all very delicious - I've heard. 

Wanting to stick to my diet and focus on my true goal of weight loss I forced my cart down to the left, where I - no joke -  zeroed in on the slim and slender bottle of water that had the beautiful rich image of a chocolate bar printed ever so nicely on the label. Chocolate Mint Water. ZERO CALORIES. Ingredients: Purified Water, Mint, Chocolate Essence.


ZERO CALORIE CHOCOLATE. No artificial ingredients or promises of flavor. Real Chocolate. Real Mint and Yummy Water.

I am literally in heaven with this flavor by Metromint. (The others not so much). First I started drinking it just from the bottle cold. Then as a late night comfort I heated it in one of my favorite mugs and fell in love even more. But this, this is where I knew we'd be together forever - I started mixing a bit in with my coffee for a 5 calorie delicious Mocha cup of goodness, no added calories from the flavor!

Seriously - WOO-HOO! I'm one happy chocolate loving dieter!

**Disclaimer** - My husband tried this same drink and did not have the same response of love as I did. Apparently when I promised him chocolate water he was expecting Rich, Hot Cocoa, Similar to a Snicker Bar flavored water. Yeah, well, sorry sweetie - it's the hint of chocolate essence. And for goodness sake - a snicker bar flavored water will NEVER be zero calories. Sorry babe. :) 

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