Monday, August 13, 2012

Sugar Loco Alert!

Attention! Attention!
Plenty of new DESSERT REVIEWS for you to take a look at on Sugar Loco!

Y'all know my passion for sweets and how awesome is it that I get to taste, sample and devour them as part of my career - pretty "sweet" right?

Stroll on over to Sugar Loco to check out some of my recent reviews like these:

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Dessert: Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream


Sweet Spot: Postino's 
Dessert: Salted Pretzel Sundae
Link: {soon to be posted}


Sweet Spot: Churn 
Dessert: Homemade Ice Cream  (and ice cream sandwiches)
Link: {soon to be posted}


Sweet Spot: Honeymoon Sweets 
Dessert: Peach Cobbler 


Sweet Spot: RA 
Dessert: Tempura Fried Cinnamon Gelato


Sweet Spot: Ocean Prime 
Dessert: 10 Layer Carrot Cake 

Sweet Spot: North Fattoria Italiana
Dessert: Affogato

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hey Duff - Nice to meet you.

Duff Goldman, you know, Ace of Cakes star. Renowned Chef. Ridiculously Awesome Cake Creator & Baker. Die Hard {Jersey Wearing} Baltimore Raven's Fan. Ya - That Guy.

Ya, I met him!
I had the true privilege of being able to spend the afternoon with Duff Goldman at his newest location called, Duff's Cake Mix in West Hollywood, California through an interview opportunity with Sugar Loco. (The completely amazing company I write for!)

Being at Duff's Cake Mix was such a fun experience and joy to see all of the families there having a unique fun-filled afternoon decorating a cake of their very own!

Let me give you a little insight though as to how the beginning of my morning went, prior to arriving in Los Angeles.

My flight was scheduled to depart from Phoenix at 7:45 am and to arrive in Burbank, CA at 9:00 am. My completely amazing hubby drops me and my son, Hank off at the airport at 6:40 and away we go through security and on to our gate. We board the plane on time, as usual, and then the fun begins.

We sit on our plane for  about 20 mins when the flight attendant takes a moment to inform us that they are having computer issues. Hank was doing extremely well, but was definitely getting a little antsy, which is all anticipated by a 14 month old. I was only a wee bit freaked out since I really only alotted so many yummy treats for my boy and if you have toddlers you know their attention span only last a wee little bit.

About 15 more minutes pass, when I then see the actual pilot get up in the aisle and announce that we will be "de-boarding" the plane and will need to wait in the ticketing area until further things get resolved, (which yes, I'm happy we exited because I'd rather be safe than sorry - BUT HELLO!! I have a one year old and a meeting in LA AT 11:00 AM!!!) So we exit the plane, but I inform the flight attendant that I need my stroller because I have a carseat, diaper bag, crazy-wiggle worm amazing kid, camera and purse to carry, which I'll be unable to do all on my own. After exiting the plane and chasing Hank around the waiting area, the ticket counter informs us that our new departure time is 9:00 am (meaning we land at 10:30 ish....eek)

Time passes and kids get antsy, but after switching planes and switching gates we finally were off and arrived in Burbank at 11:15 (meeting was at 11 - AHH)

Now, if you've never been to Los Angeles, or any large city for that matter, you may not truly understand the impact TRAFFIC has on a schedule. My meeting was literally only about 10 miles from the airport but traveling through Hollywood, during the summer, now during a lunch hour, took roughly 45 minutes, Eek!

My mother-in-law was amazing and we did our best to arrive quickly {and in one piece} while she officially got her *first* tour of downtown life! Seeing the stars, the crazy people in costumes and some offly informative billboards, we officially arrived at Duff's Cake Mix just before Noon.

Quite the morning right? 

My experience with Duff was nothing short of memorable and I am so extremely grateful for the opportunity. Below I've included some pics from our day, but to read more about my day at Duff's Cake Mix, please head on over to Sugar Loco to check out the review: HERE

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Red Velvet Cheeseball {Recipe}

Red Velvet Cheese Ball.......well let's start with the "Red Velvet" part ... who doesn't love that?! Seriously? And then a Cheese Ball - well you may think its a little bit crazy to call a cheese ball sweet, but just go with it.

Usually when you think cheese ball, you probably think savory cream cheese that you would be enjoying with some sort of cracker....but imagine if you will, a ball of sweet goodness that you dip with COOKIES!! Yes! Cookies!

Sounds heavenly right?


I came across this recipe by Taste and Tell via Pinterest and fell in love. The one thing I did do differently as far as the recipe goes, is I used regular sized chocolate chips and chopped them a bit. And then I also mixed some white chocolate chips into the cheese ball for some added sweetness and flavor. Y'all know about my sweet tooth!

So hop on over to the "Taste and Tell" Blog and check out her recipe. Be sure to stay awhile too, they've got some great stuff.