Monday, August 13, 2012

Sugar Loco Alert!

Attention! Attention!
Plenty of new DESSERT REVIEWS for you to take a look at on Sugar Loco!

Y'all know my passion for sweets and how awesome is it that I get to taste, sample and devour them as part of my career - pretty "sweet" right?

Stroll on over to Sugar Loco to check out some of my recent reviews like these:

Sweet Spot: True Food Kitchen 
Dessert: Lemon Tart 


Sweet Spot: Perk Eatery 
Dessert: Honey Spiced Cake 


Sweet Spot: Tommy Bahama's 
Dessert: Key Lime Pie 


Sweet Spot: Royal Street Cafe 
Dessert: Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream


Sweet Spot: Postino's 
Dessert: Salted Pretzel Sundae
Link: {soon to be posted}


Sweet Spot: Churn 
Dessert: Homemade Ice Cream  (and ice cream sandwiches)
Link: {soon to be posted}


Sweet Spot: Honeymoon Sweets 
Dessert: Peach Cobbler 


Sweet Spot: RA 
Dessert: Tempura Fried Cinnamon Gelato


Sweet Spot: Ocean Prime 
Dessert: 10 Layer Carrot Cake 

Sweet Spot: North Fattoria Italiana
Dessert: Affogato

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