Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How To Tuesday: Clean the Inside of Your Microwave

Happy Tuesday Everyone. As you can tell from the lack of How-To Tuesdays, Wahoo Wednesdays & Thankful Thursdays this little lady on the other side of these blogs has been a little disconnected from Honey Crust this past month. It honestly feels like longer, as I have been missing my moments each week with all of you, but here I am and will be having plenty of exciting news coming up. But for the moment, lets focus on our favorite How-To Tuesdays and dive right back in to the spin of things.

My brother has been visiting and helping out with the kids, which I appreciate more than he even knows but the true gem of his stay was when he decided to chime in and help out with my blog for today. Since I've been a bit out of touch with my blogging brain I was feeling a bit stumped with what to share with you all today, until I voiced it out loud -- "Hmm, what should my blog be about today" I mumbled under my breath, with the ultimate intention of having someone in the room acknowledge me. "What's your topic?" my husband asks. So I explain to him that today is a "How-To" for helpful tips in the kitchen. To my utter disbelief, my brother - bachelor pad, living the guys life, brother of mine says, "How about how you clean your microwave with just a bowl of water." 


Just a bowl of water? And how does HE know this? 

Apparently after 6 years of living with my husband, priding myself on little "tricks of the trade" no body informed me of this little, lets just microwave a bowl of water and vwa-la - clean microwave! No. For years I have been using Windex or a scrub brush, dreading the dried splatters of spaghetti sauce and refried beans, scolding myself with remarks of "Why didn't you just wipe this up when it initially happened? Would have come right up THEN!"

So this blog is dedicated to all you out there that don't take that extra second to wipe up your splattered mess, don't have a splatter shield, or who have spent countless (dreaded) afternoons with your head arched inside this little microwave box.


Fill a microwave safe glass bowl or measuring glass with water. Mine was about a cup and a half to two cups. Microwave on high for 4-5 minutes. (if your microwave is a high powered one you may need less time). The water will essentially steam clean the inside of your microwave. Carefully remove glass dish and wipe clean with a cloth or paper towel. And that my friend is how you clean the inside of a microwave - you're welcome :) 

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