Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Convience

This week I realized how thankful I truly am for convenient healthy food. This is not something you'd think would come out of my mouth, since I'm usually complaining that there are no healthy drive-thru spots near me; that someday I'm going to open up my own restaurant and have curb-side pick up specifically catering to mom's with car loads of kids that are just eager to grab a delicious healthy meal who before only had the options of (1) drive thru some greasy-not even good burger joint (2) going against all that is true about starving kids right before nap time and convice herself that "this time they'll be good" as she tries to lug them out of the car just to grab her order or (3) the choice of starving to death until the kids go down and then indulging in something sweet instead of nutritious.

You know who you are.

Just the other night I was planning to make spaghetti and chicken for the family, while I would leave off the noodles and stick tight to my diet. When my husband arrived home from work, I was secretly hoping that he'd suggest going out to eat since I was exhausted and quiet frankly done with being in the house, but I quickly hopped up and started to begin dinner. On edge from being overly hungry 30 minutes prior I soon realized that the chicken I planned to fry up was bad. (another story - our refrigerator was acting funny this week - ugh) Hubby said he would stay with the kids so I could just run real quick to pick up some chicken from the store. I really think he just saw the crazy in my eyes and for the sake of the children - sent me packing!

When I arrived at the store I circled the parking lot three times, just to find a parking spot.
Have you had one of these days? No food, No Parking, No SMILES WHAT SO EVER!

I ran in the store, headed to the meat department and ...


No Chicken. None - Zip - Zilch. Really?

Ok - you may be sensing a bit of high school drama queen in today's post, but honestly, I probably could have been standing there in a turquoise puffy prom dress with a sparkly crown and it would have described my feelings perfectly.

I then asked the butcher, who to my surprise spoke to me like a medieval knight, informing my-lady that there was a box in the back and he would scurry off to go get it.

I'm not joking - MEDIEVAL

Anyways, I do have a point to this post - and a recipe, so stay with me. 

While waiting for the meat man I strolled through the health food aisle salivating over even the gluten free cookies or protein bars when I came across their soup. I love soup and one caught my eye in particular; the lentil soup. Lentils fall in to the legume category in my diet and I quite frankly have been avoiding it. I quickly checked the ingredients and found all vegetables, some balsamic vinegar and no added crud that takes all the nutrition out of it. YEAH!  I decided that it would be perfect for my way to late dinner and was so so convenient!


When I got home I fried up one of the chicken breast, heated up the soup and mixed them together. So delicious!

Convenient Recipe right? Is it actually a recipe? Or more of a suggestion? 

So go on - whip up some convenience


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