Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How To Tuesday: Keep Bananas Fresh

Banana's are the "go-to" breakfast item for me to grab for my daughter every morning. Especially with a little 8 month old that needs my attention too, a cup of milk and a banana are the perfect things to get my 2 year old started in the morn. The problem I've run in to though here in Arizona is keeping our bananas...


...you got it - FRESH! Its always so warm out here that I swear no matter how green I buy the bananas, they are always brown within a day or so.

I was searching around the internet and honestly I cannot remember where I read it - oh wait! Yes I do. It was in an email of all sorts of little household tips from baking soda uses to how to clean grit on your counter, plus a few food friendly tips. One of the tips said to separate the bananas once you got them home and they would stay fresher longer. Not really believing it, I tried it anyways and to my surprise I was no longer shoving 5 bananas down my throat in one day just to keep them fresh!  So Excited!

What I've been doing now is still buying the greenest bananas, then when they ripen to our liking I separate them and vwa-la - Fresh Bananas! 

Try it!


  1. If you place your bananas in the frig they keep them from ripening too fast... the skin looks brown and not too appetizing, but on the inside it is still a perfectly good banana!

  2. Nice idea, Jackie! I hang the bunch from the handle of my 2-tier rack; bananas definitely should not be piled in a fruit bowl with other fruits. If I have 1 that's too soft at the end, I just make Banana French Toast.