Thursday, July 15, 2010

CAKE BALLS ---- (for lack of a better name)

*Cake balls...have you heard of them? Have you tasted them? Cake balls were introduced to me by a good friend a few weeks ago and this clever little treat is one that makes me think..."Why didn't I think of that"

They are simple to make and a real crowd pleaser! The ::simple instructions:: is to mix one box of cake with a tub of frosting and then dip in chocolate...vwa-la! Cake Balls!

(now you all know my thoughts on box cake, which ironically, every year for my birthday my cake of choice is box Strawberry Cake, which (1) I despise ever bringing box cake to someone's house (2) I hate ever admitting that my cake of choice for my birthday is box Strawberry -- yes yes, I'm a hypocrite...well I guess not big issue is when people claim box cake as homemade----ok ok...totally off subject...I've been doing that lately haven't I)

There are many way's you can make Cake Balls --- favorite sheet cake recipe, any white cake/red velvet/ chocolate cake -- the possibilities are endless.

Since hearing about Cake Balls I have made them twice and my advice to you is:

-Refrigerate your cake/frosting mixture before dipping in chocolate
-Don't melt your dipping chocolate too much, you don't want it too thin
-Make sure to be ready to sprinkle with toppings, that chocolate dries fast
-Cake balls are just as good without a stick!

Have Fun and Enjoy...and for heavens sake...come up with a better name!

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