Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Honey Crust's Newest Addition

My blog, Honey Crust has got some very exciting news and I have been bursting with joy ever since I got the word. We have a new addition to our "team" -- I am a team now, 2 can make a team! My very talented, hilarious and witty, creative, brilliant and beautiful cousin, Karen will be joining the blogging world and contributing to my blog! I could not be more ecstatic about this as I (and many others) have been telling her for years that she should start her own blog.....oh what it would be like in the life of Karen!  And now she's mine -- AND YOURS TOO! You are going to absolutely love her!
We talked a bit about how her contributed posts will go and both thought a "Hey Jaclyn" version would be fun and go over great with our readers. Karen is constantly trying out new recipes and throwing her own spin on things. Just a few weeks ago her and her daughter even made BUTTER! (Love it!)

We don't have a specific day yet, so you'll just have to wake up in anticipation each morning "hoping" you'll have a Karen post!

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Now on to her first post....

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