Friday, June 15, 2012

Hey Jaclyn: Chicken and Ratatouille

Guess what I cooked up the other night??  Chicken & ratatouille pasta! Can you say delicious?!?! 

The twins have been obsessed with the movie “Ratatouille” lately so of course we had to try & make it. I looked up ratatouille on & found this recipe for “Round 2 Recipe – Chicken & Ratatouille Pasta”. 

Even though it’s not “traditional” ratatouille, I thought that Gary & the kids would like it better because of the pasta & chicken. Since this is a "Round 2 Recipe", there is another recipe within this one, for a grilled vegetable Panini… then the ratatouille pasta is made from the leftover vegetables. I didn’t do this because it wasn’t a "Round 2 Recipe" for me.  {Jackies note: Great idea by Food Network by the way - adding in additional recipes that you can make with leftover ingredients or meals - good one FN!}

I bought a fresh eggplant, a bag of frozen zucchini & yellow squash (I couldn’t find fresh yellow squash anywhere for some reason!!), canned tomatoes & chopped up a fresh onion. The basil was from the produce section… you know the ones that come in the little plastic boxes? 

That’s a lot of garbleygook I mean, information up there isn’t it?? This recipe was very simple; Vicki helped with most of it… everything except the chopping really.  It was simple, healthy & delicious. It dawned on me when I was chopping up the eggplant that I had never had it before…. & I loved it! It was sweet! {I didn’t know eggplant was sweet. LOL}

For the Chicken & Ratatouille Recipe from Food Network Click HERE, then follow Karen's suggestions. 

This recipe was great with chicken but would also be yummy with crumbled Italian sausage or smoke sausage!

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