Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hey Jaclyn: Old Fashioned Pancakes {By Karen}


Guess what my HUBBY cooked up this morning? Pancakes...from SCRATCH! He really is the best husband in the entire world (in my opinion anyways) & let me sleep in this morning. I was woken up to a kiss & a "Honey, I made pancakes."

This made me wonder because I knew we were out of Bisquick...Hah!


When I finally hauled myself from the bed I was really curious just how he'd made pancakes. This awesome husband of mine GOOGLE'D "pancakes" (duh?? LOL) & found this recipe for

"Good Old Fashioned Pancakes" on allrecipes.com


Now, the hubs is a little different from me when it comes to trying a new recipe for the first time. When I try a new recipe, I like to follow the recipe to the letter and if I like it, I'll change it up a bit, personalize it if you will, the next time around.  Not my husband. No, he gets a recipe & is like "I want to do things MY WAY!" right from the get-go. Drives me insane! But, this time, his little changes worked so well - these pancakes were perfect!

Here's the link to the recipe...


Hubby added:

-an extra egg
-an extra half tablespoon of sugar
-a splash of vanilla

Am I the luckiest lady ever?? Not only is my husband thoughtful & caring but he's also a great cook! (like me! HA!)....

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