Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Corn Bread Lady

I have recently been informed that I am referred to as the Corn Bread Lady! Over a year ago, oh wait, has it been two years? No, I believe it was last years Super Bowl (when the AZ Cardinals went?) we were invited to a friends Super Bowl party. My girlfriend was hosting the party and serving up Chili while everyone else brought a passing dish. I told her that I would bring the cornbread, along with another appetizer. (Bacon wrapped weiners--gotta check them out in my cookbook.)


We didn't know but one other couple at the party, but everyone raved about the cornbread and said it was the best they had ever had! My hubby is apparently spoiled, because this is all I'll ever serve him!

Last summer we went to a pool party with our same friends, and someone that was at the super bowl party was also there, in which he greeted me by saying, "Aren't you that corn bread lady?!" I laughed it off and didn't think much of it; then spoiled him with some of my cake balls that I had just made that morning! (I can still remember him having the tupperware of my extra's wrapped in his arms)

So my most recent encounter was at a House Warming party for our friends (the same that hosted the Super Bowl Party) and one of their friends, that we hadn't seen since the football game, said, "Oh my goodness, you're the Corn Bread Lady --- I have been craving that corn bread ever since." His wife agreed and said that he mentions it on numerous occasions!

I had to laugh...this just made my day!

Well ladies and gentlemen! The Corn Bread Lady is SHARING HER RECIPE!!!!!
(but you honestly didn't think I'd do it on my blog right??? It'll be in this years cookbook, that will be released hopefully early fall 2011!! You'll have to check it out there!)

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