Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Phoenix Magazine - Reader's Choice Best Author Award

On Sunday as I was taking the kids into our church nursery, already a bit stressed about how the morning had gone (spending over 40 minutes trying to get my daughter to eat her breakfast, changing my son twice before loading both in the car, pouring my coffee and rushing off to church that is literally 2 minutes away that we always seem to be late for) when all of a sudden I was greeted with a smile from my daughters favorite nursery volunteer, David. (we tend to call him "favorite david")

David proceeds to say, "Hey I read about you in the Phoenix Magazine."

Looking around - "Who me?"

"Ya, in the Phoenix Best Of - you were named Best Author - Congratulations."

"WHAT???!!! Me?? HOLY SMOKES!! Really?? Are you sure?"

"Ya, you're Lora Roberts right? Just Kidding - no no, I know who you are, ya, you won best author. I saw it in the magazine"

Rushing off to the Lobby - Quickly calling my mom, "MOM! This guy at church just said he saw me in the Phoenix Magazine - QUICK - GO GET ONE!

Low and behold - Jaclyn Douma has won the 2012 Reader's Choice Award for Best Author in the Phoenix Magazine!!

Here is the direct link: http://www.phoenixmag.com/best-of-the-valley/media/reader

But quick - go grab yourself a copy - I'm on page 125!

Tell your friends too - you know cuz you know the "Best Author" and all.


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