Monday, June 13, 2011

Craving Oreo's?

I rarely purchase Oreo's but occasionally I'll crave an Oreo Cookie. Actually, I've probably only ever purchased a package of Oreo's maybe twice to eat just as a cookie. (I have purchased them for a few desserts though).

Well I had overheard someone talking about chocolate dipped Oreo's and I was so intrigued. I immediately ran to the craft store to purchase some dipping chocolate, as well as dipping peanut butter chips. I had originally tried putting the Oreo's on sticks (the type you'd use for chocolate suckers), but that plan sort of failed. I think the sticks I had were too wide, or it may have been too hot in my Arizona home.

I resorted to just dipping the cookies in the melted chocolate and they came out delicious! I really want to try some white chocolate dipped cookies and also some mint chocolate dipped which reminds me, they sell Oreo cookies that are mint flavored or with peanut butter filling! That would be amazing!!!


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