Thursday, June 23, 2011

Red Velvet Heaven

My husbands family recently visited, so between the two of us we wanted to "show off"....I mean provide them a delicious meal for the evening. My hubby took a half day from work and started up his smoker, to smoke ribs with his very special "secret" bbq sauce drenched over top. Since hubby was covering dinner, I planned dessert for the evening, which was my favorite Paula Deen recipe (so far). It's her Red Velvet Bundt Cake and its soooooo amazing!

I was first struggling with what to make at first, since I asked my husband what his dad's favorite dessert was and his reply was "banana splits". Since I wasn't going to make banana splits I called upon my sister in law (who lives very close to my in laws) and asked her what dad likes for dessert. "Cake and Ice cream is always a go to for dad!"

I then decided to bake up the red velvet cake for a few reasons. One being that its so moist and dense there's no way you could possibly not like it and two...I LOVE decorating it.

Come to find out, my father in law had never even tried Red Velvet Cake (um, hello dad, you're REALLY missing out here) So I was glad to provide him with his first taste....and he Approved!

It was wonderful seeing our parents and we were so happy to provide them with such a yummy delicious meal for the evening.


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