Thursday, June 17, 2010




Need I say more???

I seriously don't think so......

If you've eaten there you know EXACTLY what I mean....

.....ok...if you insist! My mom is the one that opened my eyes to the this wonderful little hole-in-the-wall. In fact, her and her highschool girlfriends use to go eat here. Now, as her parents, I'm surprised that all these girls weren't forbidden to wait in the lines at both Juanita's locations due to the .... well lets just say...not so pleasant neighborhoods----but they still went and continue to go. Before becoming a vegetarian I use to LOVE their pork, rice and cheese burritos -- seriously what do you marinate the meat in??? Now I crave just a rice and cheese burrito with their homemade salsa. Ok -- call me crazy -- but my mom even flew a burrito out just for me!!! Moving away from Juanita's was truly disappointing -- Granted I love our home in Arizona, but I still get bummed when thinking of the places we once ate and enjoyed in our hometown of So. Cal. Our fav location is : 1209 East 4th Street, Ontario, CA 91764 -- There is also another off of Indian Hill (as shown in my pic).

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