Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful for...

Thankful very first one.

When I originally came up with the idea to blog about my favorite utensils I knew exactly which utensil I would blog about first. It is not one that I use often, but it does bring me much joy....and even laughter when I use it. I'm sure you're thinking I'm crazy already....but stick with me....


Melon baller....

Can you say that out loud with me? Melon Baller --- Melon Baller .....

Come on, if you didn't smile when saying that something must be wrong. Haha. Or maybe it's me that there's something wrong with. Anyways, my melon baller I am thankful for because of all the fun I have displaying food with it. I have used it for fruit, for sorbet, for vanilla ice cream and each time my dishes come out looking stunning.


A melon baller, once called a Parisienne scoop, is a small spoon-like utensil used to cut round or oval-shaped sections of a melon.

Shown above I used my melon baller on a raspberry sorbet that I then drizzled in a homemade chocolate sauce that my mom had made. It was so delicious.

For a bridal shower I once hosted I made a dense Elvis Presley Pound Cake and cut small cubes out of it. I then balled vanilla ice cream with my melon baller. I arranged the pound cake, ice cream and fresh berries in short champagne glasses that were drizzled in chocolate. They looked and tasty amazing.

Have a little fun and experiment with your melon baller....and as it does for me, I hope you smile each time you think of it.

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