Saturday, July 30, 2011

Iced Tea Latte...

About a month or so ago my great friend told me about this wonderful drink she's been ordering from The Coffee Bean. Ok -- wait...she had been raving about it for weeks prior to this on facebook so I had to ask her about the drink. When she came to visit we of course stopped at The Coffee Bean to try the Blueberry Pomegranate Tea Latte, but since it was about 108 degrees outside we decided to order it iced instead of hot like she normally has it. Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding of how we ordered it...they should have just *known* what we wanted...hahah. so we ordered it wrong and only had plain pomegranate iced tea. (not the latte part).

About a week later, I ventured over myself along with the kids and ordered it again, but made sure to order it as a *latte* this time. It came at a bit of a shock to me when the woman at the registered told me it was going to be nearly $5. Of course I paid the lady and waited anxiously to try this so-called *unbelievably delicious* new drink. And boy was my friend was sooooo goood!

Luckily for my pocketbook, the nearest Coffee Bean is way out of my way AND they don't have a drive thru so its not really convenient for me to lug the kids out of the car and go spend money I don't have just to indulge a bit in this liquid goodness. Well, about a week ago I started walking at the mall in the morning to get a bit of exercise in during these blazing hot summer months....and well, The Coffee Bean is right down the every morning, I've been getting this craving, but continue to remind myself that its not convenient nor affordable, plus wouldn't be worth it after working off those calories, to just add them right back on. So last night I went online to The Coffee Bean website to see if I could just make the drink myself...They had a recipe page that listed their tea latte and the special ingredient  in the latte is a vanilla powder! That's IT!!! Of course you can order it online through their store, but once again....too much mula for me.

I made my way to Trader Joe's and purchased some pomegranate tea bags for $4.00. Then headed over to our local grocery store and purchased some French Vanilla Powdered Creamer from the coffee and tea section in the store. Another $4.00. So at 8 bucks, I was sitting pretty happy and came home to create my drink. I brewed some tea, mixed in about a tablespoon of the creamer to about 2 cups of tea, then poured it over ice and vwa-la! Pomegranate Iced Tea Latte!!!! Right in my very own home. So yummy. And the best part, if I want to have it warm, all I need to do is add milk instead of the ice. I am so unbelievably stoked about my new creation...and so is my hubby! lol.

I'm looking forward to trying other flavors on the list...Ginger Pear. Yum!

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