Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Woo-Hoo Wednesday: Tissue Paper Backdrop

I had mentioned yesterday that we recently celebrated my daughters 2nd birthday. I was so excited about my backdrop for her cereal breakfast bar I knew I had to share!

Walking around the house, while both kids were sleeping, I was searching for inspirations. Cardstock? No. Paper Plates? Nope. Cardboard boxes....Hmmm, maybe. What's this baby gate doing in my way? Ugh, always in the way. As I move one of the baby gates out of the way in the garage I am struck with an idea! Those little holes in the gate would be perfect to decorate with...yes perfect!


I had so much tissue paper left over from my book release parties and also from wrapping Christmas presents, I knew they would look awesome as a back drop. I cut each sheet in half and began stuffing them in the baby gate. As I finished up the backdrop my brain continued to rack up more and more ideas that I could create using just one baby gate. It is so versatile, picking out colors to match your decor and then adding additional foliage as you go! It worked perfect for my daughters party, and I look forward to using this same concept for future parties too!


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