Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How- To Tuesday: How to set your table

Happy Almost Thanksgiving Everyone!
In lieu of our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday this Thursday I thought we take a moment to talk about table settings. I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow, I'm not going to lie. It means that I've made it to a negotiable day with my husband to begin decorating my table for Thanksgiving. 
Ok, let me draw you a bit of a picture. We are currently living in a 1300 sq. foot home that although perfect when it's just the 4 of us, gets a little cramped when more people join. On top of that, upon the first Christmas/Birthday for my daughter, we decided that the need for a playroom, far out weighed the need for a "look pretty" dining table, so out it went (Christmas Day). 

So, this all brings me back to decorating for a holiday. Although my husband has gotten really really really good at biting his tongue when I get on a creative-decorating kick, I am trying to respect him and the fact that our home shrinks like crazy as I begin to clutter, so I have post-poned decorating a table (that we will need to set up) for our Thanksgiving Feast.

I obviously love hosting parties and LOVE the decorating part for all to enjoy, so tomorrow is a big day for me, followed by an even better day of Thanksgiving with those I love. 

And now back to my original point - How to set your table. (You once again got a little taste of how my brain works in a round about way. )

First you  start with your plate, with a charger underneath if you are using a charger. Any cups (usually a water goblet and possibly a juice or champagne glass) will go to the right of your plate. Any salad plates (unless placed on top of your dinner plate) will go to the left of your plate.

Silverware is placed in the order your will use it, from the outside in; starting with first course to last course. Meaning if you are having a salad before your meal (or soup), the salad fork would be on the outside. Forks should be placed to the left of the plate. Knives and Spoons to the right. Make sure you place the knife blade directed towards the plate. 

If you are serving dessert, place the dessert silverware to the top of the plate horizontally. 

Hopefully this will help as you begin to set up your table. 

Have fun!


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