Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Thankful Notes

I am always thankful for thank you notes. Whether I'm writing them or receiving them they truly make my day.

Do you know this feeling? The feeling that someone was thinking of you, wanting to tell you how much they love you or are thankful for you, just being you? This is what I am thankful for.

I love incorporating thankful notes or words of encouragement into my parties. Advice for Newlyweds, Wishes for new babies or kind words or thoughts, always so appreciated.


When my husband and I were first married I started a "Thinking Of You" group, where women from our church would come over to my home to write thank you notes to friends and family they knew. I loved being a part of this and spending a moment just to stop and think of ones I love.

Another suggestion I just heard today was a "Note Shower" -- showering a friend overseas with notes of love and kindness. They planned a whole party here in the States and mailed off the letters. So thoughtful.

Take a moment this week, and send off a few letters. It'll really fill your heart!

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