Monday, October 24, 2011

As Promised

As promised, here I am posting pictures and links about yesterday's post. My family and I made a quick flight back home over the weekend, so I was away from all of my pictures and info and such.

Back to Sweet Somethings -- So good! I think I might just grab some on my way out to California this week getting ready for my book release party.

Ok -- whoa whoa whoa - stop everything. Apparently I was on a sugar high, but this delicious bakery is called Something Sweet - not Sweet Somethings - hah! Sorry, I must be loosing it.

Something Sweet is located in Ahwatukee in the Safeway/Trader Joes parking lot off of Chandler blvd.


Here are also a few articles that were printed about her bakery:

Hope you'll stop by sometime.

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