Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How- To Tuesday: Measure Flour

Today's How-To Tuesday was suggested by my husband. I sat here on the couch this morning, informing him that I think I can actually feel the bags under my eyes from nearly 5 months of no sleep (here's where I insert the part about having an amazingly handsome baby boy that when he smiles my heart just melts like a cookie in the oven, but he tends to wake me up about every 2 or less hours each night).

I voiced out-loud "What should I blog about today?" Half just talking to hear myself talk and the other half hoping that either my husband or nearly 2 year old daughter would suggest something to me. My husband sat laughing at this beautiful mess of sleep deprivation that I am in and said, "How about - How to measure flour?"..............You have no idea, but I was actually so shocked by this fantastic suggestion he had! It was perfect! Sure enough, he had a little glow about himself the rest of the morning, being so proud of this great idea!

Thanks babe!


Many people may not know the proper way of measuring flour, which is why they may also have a frustration with baking, as many of their dishes probably don't come out....and this could all be resolved by measuring flour correctly.

With flour, you do not just scoop it into your measuring cup as you would sugar. If you do scoop out the flour with your measuring cup it may result in about 25% more flour than the recipe calls for, which is what makes your baked goods usually too dry or tough.

To properly measure flour, you will need a small spoon that you gradually scoop flour with into your measuring cup. Plan to have your measuring cup either over the flour container or over a separate bowl from where you are mixing your ingredients, for when any flour overflows, it is not falling into your mixing bowl.  Spoon enough flour into the measuring cup so it is overflowing. Next, take the back side of a knife (the flat side) and level off the flour with the measuring cup. This will give you the proper amount of flour that the recipe calls for!

Happy Sleeping --- I mean Baking! hah! I've gotta get me some coffee...

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