Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How- To Tuesday: Peel a potato

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful trip. That started from this tropic port Aboard this tiny ship...The mate was a mighty sailing man, The skipper brave and sure. Five passengers set sail that day, For a three hour tour, a three hour tour....

Oh  I'm sorry...I got a little side tracked....I had received an email a while back about the easiest way to peel a potato and Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) from Gilligan's Island demonstrated it. I'm sure many of you received the email as well, so I thought, "Heck, I'm going to try it." (If you want to check out her video, click here )

For me, the month of October starts off Fall, and Fall means: "Big Hearty Home Cooked Meals" Which for my hubby means MASHED POTATOES! And lots of them.

The tip from Dawn Wells is to boil the potato whole and peel aftewards.

The first step is to bring a pot of water to a rapid boil:


Next, prepare your ice bath by filling a bowl with water and then adding a bit of water:


While your water is coming to a boil, you want to wash each of your potatoes and score them across the center:


Once water is boiling, add the potatoes to the pot. (I boiled about 8 potatoes at a time):


Set timer for 15-20 minutes and cover.
Once timer goes off, remove one potato at a time with tongs and submerge in ice bath for about 5 seconds:


Remove from ice bath and using both hands peel back the skin and voila! Peeled (cooked) potato!


I believe I have certainly fallen in love with this method! Personally I do not like peeling potatoes, cutting potatoes, then cooking potatoes and then MAKING mashed potatoes...seems like all too much work for me! But this worked out perfectly.

Some things I learned while doing this:
(1) The rounder/smoother the potato, the easier it was to peel
(2) The more little pits the potato had, the more difficult it was to peel
(3) Only submerge potato in ice bath for 5 seconds...longer does not help
(4) Do not re-submerge the potato in the ice bath, this does not help when peeling.
(5) I would cook the potatoes a bit longer (towards the 20 minutes end) as I cooked them for only 15 minutes, and the bigger potatoes were not fully cooked when I made the mashed potatoes.

All in all, I would definitely do this again!

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