Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Hot Glue Guns..

Hot Glue Guns....ya....we've got a love hate relationship! Do you know what I'm talking about? For instance, I'd love to think that I could just hot glue anything, but realistically, it's only great for crafting. I'd also love to think that my skin is resistant to the slow burn and blistering, but realistically, it's most definitely not! Love - Hate.

Today I started working on my daughters Halloween costume and out came the Hot Glue Gun. I am very thankful for this little device as it was helped me create quite a few crafts, costumes and projects. (even a few repairs here and there). It actually has been used quite a bit this week since I've been working on my son's costume too, that required the sticky glue. Part of me really wants to give you a hint about the costumes, but I have several family members reading up on the blog and if you know me, you know that I like to keep everything a surprise! So you will soon find out the adorable outfits that I will dressing them in, but not just yet.
(I was at the craft store and the woman asked what I would be making. My response: "Oh just some costumes that I'm sure my kids will hate me for later!" Hah!)

There have been a few battle wounds between me and the Hot Glue Gun. One in particular happened about a year and a half ago and I still have a major scar on my shin from it. I was preparing my Tea Party Hat for my daughters Half Birthday Party, when the flower I was working with leaped from my hands and smacked itself right dab in the middle of my leg. Or course my initial reaction was, "oh lets just let this sit here while I let it dry so it will easily come of." YEAH RIGHT!!!????? It was more like "AHHH!!! AHHHH!!! AHHH!!!" RIPPPP! Off with the flower (and my skin!) But here's the kicker, when I told both my mom and mother in law about this incident, they both said I should have responded like the first part I mentioned-- letting it cool and then peeling it off gently. Um, seriously? That is not a first reaction response. :)

Searching a bit online I came across some interesting facts about glue. Apparently glue dates back to 4000 BC where archeologists found clay pots repaired by a glue substance made from tree sap! The ancient Greeks even had a recipe for glue which included: egg whites, blood, bones, milk, cheese, vegetables and grains.

I'm not about to make that recipe, so I think I'll stick to the slightly dangerous, yet highly effective hot glue gun!

I found a few cute Halloween crafts online that you can make using a hot glue gun. Check them out at the following sites:

Halloween Pendant

Halloween Banner

Cheesecloth Ghosts

Pumpkin Family

Sorry no pictures today kiddos...I know, the photos are my favorite part so I can only imagine how bummed you are. :)

Happy Crafting! And be safe!

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