Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Out of the...

I am temporarily putting up my "Out of the Office" or "Out of the State" auto-reply for this week. 
I know, I know - you are totally bummed aren't you?

I went back and forth, but decided for the well being of my sanity, my kids sanity and in order to fully devote myself to a successful release party nearly 400 miles away from my home,
it's in all of our best interests if I put up the "out of office sign".


I will be back and ready for all of you next week and it'll be NOVEMBER! I'll have all of the details for you about our Halloween, our trip to CA, my favorite spots that I hit up for a bite to eat of course, and the best of all, my Cookbook Release party in the big IE (Inland Empire, for everyone not from the IE.).
Until then, I wish you all a spooky fun Halloween and an eventful weekend!


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