Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How- To Tuesday: Caramelize Onions

The Today Show is hosting a contest called Meatball Madness, and since my ultimate goal is to someday be on The Today Show, of course I had to enter! I wont be revealing the recipe that I submitted, but I do want to dedicate today's post to caramelizing onions. (so delicious)


How To Caramelize Onions.

I really am not a raw onion type of girl, and I'm thinking quite a few people would agree with me. Now, cooked onions, that's a completely different story. Throwing an onion the barbeque, delish! Baking it with garlic and butter? Come on now, my taste buds are salivating here. And don't even get me started with grilled onions on my grilled cheese from In-N-Out. (I think I should text the hubby to bring some home tonight for dinner, yum) 

But caramelizing onions at home isn't something I started doing until a few months ago. It's quite simple really and the flavors are endless of what you can create.

First off, you'll want to get a frying pan and warm it with medium high heat. Next, add your sliced raw onions and a little bit of olive oil to keep the onions from sticking and burning. The onions will begin to sizzle as they get hot. You will need to push them around with a spatula or tongs making sure each onion is coated in olive oil and has enough time on the pan. Your onions will soon become soft and limp in about 10 or so minutes.


Now's where the fun begins. Start to season your onions with your all time favorites: Garlic, Cayenne, Jelly, Balsamic Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Orange Juice. (of course not all at once.)

Enjoy over your favorite meats or chicken. Or even add them to a grilled cheese on sour dough.

In-n-out, In-n-out, that's what a haaaammmbuurger's all about.... calling my husband right now.

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