Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Lemon Squeezer


Today I was thankful for my Lemon Squeezer. It has been so hot out here in AZ, especially with all the monsoons, that I was craving something refreshing to drink. I love homemade lemonade, which my parents make the best at their restaurant in Wickenburg,  but, since that's over an hour and a half away, I decided to make my own. Using my Lemon/Citrus Squeezer I squeezed a few lemons, added a bit of sugar and mixed with ice cold water. It was so delicious. Next time I think I might add a few fresh raspberries to the mix.

I have used my lemon squeezer quite a bit in the past few weeks actually, baking up some delicious Lemon Mini's for the fam and for my baby boy's dedication too!


I do have one confession to make though about my Lemon Squeezer. There has been a handful of times where I've actually used it as a hammer, and surprisingly it has worked VERY WELL -- So that once single usage utensil, now serves as a multipurpose tool for all of my household needs :)

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