Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Wooden Spoons

This week I let my daughter pick out the utensil that "we" are thankful for, so I opened up my drawer of utensils, turned my head as I held my almost two year old up to grab a utensil....and of course she chose the WOODEN SPOON


Part of me thinks she must remember back when she was about three months old and "helped" me bake haha


I am thankful for the memories I have of watching my mom bake and being able to lick the wooden spoon. Or the joy I get when I  pull the gooey melted marshmellows off when making rice krispies. And I always smile and laugh when I remember this story.....

My Aunt has always been involved with her church and the children's nursery. Well one Sunday morning she brought in a bag of cooking utensils and sat with each of the children in a circle. One by one, each child pulled out a different utensil and would say what it was used for. One child pulled out a spatula and said his daddy used it to grill burgers with. Another child pulled out a ladle and said it was used to dish soup out into a bowl. Next was my little cousins turn and she pulled out the wooden spoon.....Now -- let me explain something really quick. My Aunt is a superb baker, I mean seriously, the things that come out of her kitchen leave you begging for more. She bakes quite often and is always sharing her goodies with friends and family. So when my cousin pulled the wooden spoon, of course she would say, "My mommy uses this when she bakes me cookies...." No, not my cousin....she pulls out the wooden spoon and says, "My mommy uses this to spank me"

I believe in that moment my Aunt stopped breathing and one of the children had to pick her jaw up from the ground. My Aunt had never spanked her with a wooden spoon, nor with any other utensil for that matter. She about died when she heard those words.....and for all of use.....we die every time we hear the story!

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