Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How- To Tuesday: Grill a Hamburger

I'm pretty sure that I could sit here and blog all about coffee all day long............::as I finally sip my coffee that was brewed this morning:: .... but since I already blogged about "How To Make A Pot of Coffee" I'm sure you're ready for me to move on.

Last night, the hubby and I enjoyed the cool evening with the kids outside, while he barbecued us some dinner. It's honestly the first night in quite a while that it has been comfortable outside. Here in AZ you pretty much don't go outside for 3 months out of the year. The season has turned and we are reminded of exactly why we live here!

So I figured it was only fitting that we talk about grilling burgers. Now, you're probably thinking......this girl is a vegetarian...how on earth does she know how to grill a burger?  Remember I'm married to a carnivore? And remember I wasn't ALWAYS a vegetarian? I've grilled a few burgers in my day.

Being married to a meat lovin man has made it necessary that I learn to grill hamburgers. I'm not sure if I'm as great as my hubby yet, but I do a pretty dang good job.

To start you are going to want to form your ground beef into hamburger patties; that is, if you bought ground beef and not the pre-made patties....please tell me you bought ground beef right? When you are forming your patties, you want to make sure they are even throughout. You don't want to be cooking meatballs out there; you'll never get the middle cooked.

If you have extra meat, form into patties as well and wrap individually in plastic wrap. You can freeze these patties to be available for the next time you would like to grill hamburgers. Once patties are formed, place on a plate to take out to the barbecue. You will want to turn the barbecue on and get it nice and toasty before applying the patties.

Once the grill is hot, place all patties onto the grill and shut the lid for 5 to 7 minutes. Check your burgers by using a metal spatula to lift the burger slightly. If it sticks to the grill, it's not ready to be flipped, but if it does not stick then flip all the burgers over to grill the other side. Once again, close the lid for about 5 minutes.

Check to see if the bottom sticks and if it doesn't stick you're almost done. At this point you can add the cheese if you would like. I always get impatient and want to add the cheese to early, but I can't just in case the burger needs to be flipped again. After about 10 to 15 minutes of grilling you can remove one burger patty from the grill and............................HERE'S THE ROOKIE ACTION ON MY PART..........slice your burger slightly open to make sure it is to your desired "doneness," and if so, you are ready to eat. If not, return to grill and shut the lid.

It's okay to be a little intimidated by the barbecue grill - but don't worry, you'll get the hang of it!

*patty melt for my baby

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