Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How- To Tuesday: Separate Egg Yolks

A few weeks ago I showed you *How-T*o hard boil eggs. Well, this week I wanted to go into detail of How-To Separate Egg Yolks. There are many different techniques and in fact even products that will help you to separate the yolk from the egg.


AmazonSur La Table, Peter Petrie Egg Separator, Crate & Barrel , and plenty more places!

But really, you don't need all these *high tech*  gadgets to separate the egg from the yolk...heck our grandparents never had one of the Peter Petrie Egg Separators where the yolk comes out its nose (so gross).

So here ya go....

Some recipes you come across may only ask for egg whites or egg yolks or even both but separated. Here is a simple way to separate your egg yolk without the trouble of possibly leaving eggshell pieces behind or not separating the eggs completely.

You will need two bowls: one for egg yolks and the other for egg whites. The egg white is the clear portion of the egg. Crack the egg in half. Next, slightly tip the eggshell with the egg, allowing the egg whites to pour into the bowl. You can even use the other portion of the eggshell to hold the egg yolk in.

Alternate egg yolk from shell half to shell half until all of the egg whites have been poured into the bowl. Next, pour the egg yolk into the second bowl, and vwa-la! You have successfully separated the egg yolk from the egg white!

Have fun baking! What recipes have you made that required you to do this?


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