Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Jar Opener

This afternoon, as I took a moment to make my daughter and myself some lunch I *silently* ran through my head all of the things I needed to still do for the day.....I italicized "silently" because in reality my son was fussing because he was 20 minutes past his normal nursing time, my daughter Aliyah was running through the kitchen with the old school metal tonka dump truck that use to be my brothers, clunk, clunk clunk, clunk along the kitchen tile, I could hear Sesame Street on in the background, as my daughter demands it be on, even if she's not watching it, and my phone was ringing off notifications of unread emails and texts. So SILENTLY  I ran through my head all the additional things that needed to be accomplished in the hour-2 1/2 hour nap span coming up that afternoon while my beautiful daughter took her daily nap.

One item in particular that was going through my head was "Thankful Thursday." What was I thankful for today...."hmmm...." I thought as I grabbed the jar opener to open the sticky jelly container to spread on my daughters peanut butter and jelly sandwich. "What am I thankful for today in this kitchen?....." as I grabbed the jar opener again that I had just tossed back into the utensil drawer to open the jalapeno jar to add to my grilling quesadilla. As I cut up my daughters peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and took my quesadilla off the stove...I thought once again, "Honestly I'm at a stump of what to write about today...." When in midst of my thought, I was interrupted by the stubborn salsa jar that really.....ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS ENJOY A BIT OF SEASONED TOMATO SALSA WITH MY NOW COOLING QUESADILLA....can't a girl get a break? So once again, I grabbed my jar opener.........................

...............ok deep's just lunch.....................

My daughter is now down for a nap, and although it would be nice if my baby boy was down for a nap too, I am blessed to have him snuggling in my arms as I take a moment to write my Thankful Thursday post. You may have already figured out what I was thankful for today......................................


The answer was right there. As I was stressing over what to write about today, God, with His funny sense of humor, tightened all of the jars in my house, to assist me with a clear answer of what I should dedicate my Thankful Thursday blog post too. It's funny, when you're praying for answers, even as minor as help with a blog post, God is there revealing the answers to you....may not be the way you wanted the answer to come, but in reality he was smacking me across the head with assistance.

I have had this jar opener for nearly 4 years now, and it is still going strong! Although I have a studly man of a husband, he's not usually home during the day to come in with the assist when it comes to making lunch for the kids, or myself for that matter.

According to Wikipedia, the first jar opener was called a Gilhoolie. In 1954 it was patented as a " cam operated sliding jaw closure remover". Funny right?

So what are you thankful for that your jar opener has helped with?

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