Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Bundt Pan

I always have, and probably always will be thankful for my bundt pan! (and frankly I'm quit appalled that my spell check doesn't recognize it as a word....hah) I have two that I use quite frequently, but my Aunt gave me a wonderful William's Sonoma pan a few years back and I love it....


I like the fact that many companies have created several different variations and designs for the pan, giving your bundt cakes quite a unique design; great inspiration for decorating with powdered sugar, icing, or even ribbon and flowers.

For my pre-release party I used my bundt pan to make my Good Morning Cinnamon recipe for little take-home gifts. The pan worked perfectly (like always) and everyone loved their little treats....



When I did a little research on the bundt cake, (not the actual pan) I found that it dates back to 1901 where a recipe for a bundt cake was found in the The Settlement Cookbook, written by: Lizzie Kander. (Published in 1903). The actual bundt pan wasn't trademarked until 1950. H. David Dalquist is the man who had it trademarked, and he is also the founder of Nordic Ware. Nordic Ware is one of the last few remaining cookware companies that produce their products almost entirely in the U. S.

Something I found pretty awesome was that the bundt pan didn't really sell very well, UNTIL 1966 when a Pillsbury sponsored baking contest awarded 2nd place to a bundt cake recipe. This new craze of the bundt pan caused it to become the most- sold pan in the U.S. passing up the tin Jell-O mold. (crazy!). Over 50 million of these pans have been sold by Nordic War.

I have found so many wonderfully delicious recipes, including pound cake and monkey bread that call to be made in a bundt pan. I highly recommend this going on your Christmas List, Wedding Registry or even your Grocery List the next time you're out!

What recipes have you made in a bundt pan?

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