Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How- To Tuesday: Make a pot of coffee

Today I wanted to take a moment to talk about coffee.....Mmmm.....fresh brewed coffee. Now, even if you don't like coffee, I'm sure in your lifetime you probably have or will be asked to brew a pot. Here is the step by step instructions of how to do so......

(1) Hop in your car
(2) Put on your favorite sunglasses
(3) Drive to your nearest Starbucks.......

wait, wait, wait.......the whole purpose behind my book, blog and self is COST EFFICIENCY!! And frankly, I personally can't afford a cup of coffee from there anymore hah!

Now you may be thinking, if you're a coffee drinker like myself, who in their right mind does not know how to brew a pot of coffee??? Many people don't. Many people forget just how delicious and if I may add CHEAP it is to brew you're own, and have fallen into the lifestyle of sitting in drive-thrus to pick up a daily dose of their venti, caramel, shaken not stirred, skinny coffee favorites.

As I sit here typing I am enjoying a cup of coffee that I brew on a daily basis in one of my very favorite cups, from one of my very favorite people. She got it for me when she was visiting Washington DC and it simply states: "Coffee...the favorite drink of the civilized world." -Thomas Jefferson to Edmond Rogers, February 14, 1824.Love it! And I always think of her while using it.

Another thing I love about coffee is the instant warmth it brings to my body. As I was visiting one of my sisters a few weeks ago, she asked if I would like a cup of coffee. Of course I answered yes, and she says, "You have to try this flavor, It's like Christmas in a Cup." .... really? How could anyone turn down "Christmas in a cup?" .........................and to my surprise, it was! As I sat amongst the chaos in the kids play room, I inhaled the sweet smell of Christmas, while envisioning snow flakes falling outside, a Christmas tree lite in the other room, and laughter all around. This was some pretty powerful stuff, seeing as how it has NEVER snowed in California or Arizona on Christmas while I was living there, and for this little cup of Cinnamon Hazelnut to do all that? Amazing!

I know people who don't care for the taste of coffee, but no one can deny the relaxing sent of coffee brewing in the morning. Love it!


Ok Ok, this is about brewing coffee....not necessarily my LOVE for coffee.....so here we go:

I know a few people fell in love with the craze of the Keurig last year, and although I do think it's pretty awesome the way you can brew any flavor, plus hot chocolates and I believe teas, I'm just more in to my $20 coffee pot that I received 4 years ago as a wedding gift.  (which reminds me...tomorrow is my anniversary!! yeah!)

If you have a normal coffee pot, and are brewing just for yourself, I recommend brewing 6 cups. What you need to do is take the glass/plastic pot and fill it up to the 6 cup line with water. Next, pour the water into the back portion of the coffee maker. You usually need to lift the lid to do so. You will see on the side of the coffee pot the *water line* rise as you pour in the water.

My coffee maker has a built in filter, but some pots still require you to purchase coffee filters. If you're making coffee last minute, and have run out of filters, a paper towel or napkin will work just fine tucked into the top of the maker as a filter.

Next, the good part -- coffee grounds! For 6 cups of coffee, I scoop in one heaping tablespoon of coffee, plus a little extra for good measure. (something I have picked up from my grandma....she always adds a little extra for "good measure").

Return the pot to its original spot within the coffee maker, close the lid up top, and press the start/brew/go button!

This next step is probably the most crucial of all --- deciding which coffee mug to use.


Do you want to drink it out of a pretty fancy mug? A mug you have to hold with two hands while curled up on the couch? Your go-to every day mug? The mug you can cup in one hand? Or how about the one with your kids pictures all over it? So many decisions! This alone is why I usually just stick to regular coffee....why boggle my mind with flavors, when I have so many decisions when it comes to the mug! hah!

Well I hope this helps everyone who's never brewed a pot of coffee before. I'm going to get back to my cup now :) Enjoy.


  1. oh the simple pleasures in life! Now I am craving another cup of coffee....

    Love the little anecdote about the coffee mug! :) My favorite coffee mug is actually a personalized travel mug that I received from a friend as a graduation gift, it just brightens my day!

  2. go get yourself one!! You deserve it ! hah!

  3. glad you liked the Christmas in a cup! :)